MusicIP Servers Dead - Using MusicIP Offline

With the demise of the MusicIP servers how to use MusicIP Offline. MusicIP Servers Dead - Using MusicIP Offline

MusicIP Installation Guide for Windows 10

Tested on the Windows 10 Technical Preview, MusicIP installs fine and also the Headless interface. Find Installation Guide here

Spicefly SugarCube

Spicefly is the home of the (in)famous Logitech Media Server plugin Spicefly SugarCube which utilises MusicIP for non-stop dynamic music without playlists!

Spicefly SugarCube features Live View, History mode, MusicIP Vintage mode, Alarm Support, Coming Up Next Display, Mix by Artist, Mix by Album, Mix by Genre, Mix by Filter, Mix by Recipe, Dynamic Queuing, TrackStat Integration (Optional), Sleep Mode, Send To Player... To name just some of the Features!

MusicIP Guides

Guides on MusicIP and how to setup and configure it with Logitech Media Server.

Guides on MusicIP GenPUID and setting up MusicIP for headless mode, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux.

MusicIP Headless Interface

You can also find a replacement web interface for MusicIP headless mode and recommendations on software to make life just that little bit easier, you can also download the mystical MusicIP 1.9b Windows Version, the final released version of MusicIP.

Spicefly SpyGlass

A suite of MusicIP and Squeezebox related applications to peer under the bonnet of MusicIP and Logitech Media Server.
Spicefly SpyGlass MIP is the first to be released which automates the setup of MusicIP Headless without touching a command prompt!

Logitech Media Server

A dive into Logitech's devices, including Hacking the Touch to customise the Now Playing Screen.


Section containing articles not necessarily relating to MusicIP or Logitech Media Server.

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