MusicIP Mixer - Command Line Options

MusicIP Mixer supports many options to configure the application.

The following lists some of the more advanced options, which you can set by passing arguments to the command line (Windows/Linux) or by updating your environment (Mac).

You can pass one .m3lib file on the command line, to use that cache. This will create a new cache, if no file of that name exists.

Unless noted, the following arguments apply only to the Windows version.

If you are starting the Mixer by clicking on a desktop icon, you can set command line parameters by right-clicking on the icon, choosing Properties, and adding the arguments to the Target, after the name of the program (place spaces between the program name and each argument).

-albumsbyname (added in 1.8) When grouping songs by album, only use the album name field, and not the directory where the songs are located. (Useful if iTunes is organizing your music.)

-analysistimeout # Wait longer before timing out during analysis. The # is a scaling factor (e.g. 2 will cause the timeout to be twice as long). [win32, linux]

-anyimage (added in 1.1.4) When a song does not contain an embedded image, use a random image from the same folder as the song. (By default the Mixer only uses cover.* or folder.* to show images).

-artists folder Show artist artwork when no other image is available. For example, to find art of U2, we would look for images im the c:\root\U2\ directory. [win32, linux]

-asciitags Always store ID3 tags as ASCII (default is UNICODE)

-deutsch Force the Mixer to use the german localization.

-devicesfolder folder Store device related information in this directory (default is devices subfolder of installation).

-extm3u_pattern pattern Specify a pattern which will be used to annotate .m3u files using EXTINF format. [win32, linux]

-feedback=[on|off] (added in 1.8) Send anonymous feedback to MusicIP whenever you use More Like This or Less Like This.

-fp # Adjust fingerprint sensitivity. This can be used to find more large-scale duplicates (i.e. remasters of the same song), but will also cause some non-duplicates to be marked as duplicates. A typical number to try would be 1.2. [win32, linux]

-ideasfolder folder Store CD Ideas related information in this directory (default is ideas subfolder of installation).

-itunesappend When pressing play to send songs to iTunes, append to the current list instead replacing it (only if COM is enabled).

-itunesdb file Use the iTunes database from the indicated file, instead of searching the usual places (used to sync with iTunes).

-itunesnocom Do not use COM to communicate with iTunes.

-logex Print extra diagnostics to log.txt. [win32, linux]

-minimized Start the Mixer minimized.

-mip (added in 1.6) Register MusicIP Mixer as the default application for processing MIP URLs. You can use -demip to undo this action.

-noauto Disable automatic passes - this includes the initial scan if watchfolders are configured, and autostarting analysis (when you add new music, for instance).

-nodefaultgenres (added in 1.8) Do not include any default genres in the pull down list in the tag editor.

-nodiskscan (added in 1.1.4) Do not scan drives looking for devices. You will need to manually add devices if you use this option.

-notrash (added in 1.1.6) Don't send deleted files to the Trash/Recycle Bin. On Mac, set the "Use Trash" property.

-nowatcher Disable watch folders.

-publicparking (added in 1.5c) You can pass this option when you are letting others use your version of the mixer (as in a public setting). This will hide your registration key, so it cannot be copied, and will prevent accidental deletion of songs or playlists from your cache or disk through the mixer (these options will be disabled).

-readonly (added in 1.8) Disable any features which would write to your song files. These features require user initiation anyways, but this option will not even allow manual updates from the mixer.

-remoteaccess Allow remote access to stream your music using the HTTP API.

-register ext (added in 1.6) Register MusicIP Mixer as the default application for file type EXT (include the ., as in -register .mp3). You can use -deregister to undo this action.

-rgalbum (added in 1.7) Apply album level ReplayGain volume adjustments during playback (requires ReplayGain tags to be present in your audio files).

-rgtrack (added in 1.7) Apply track level ReplayGain volume adjustments during playback (requires ReplayGain tags to be present in your audio files).

-slimappend (added in 1.5) When sending songs to SlimServer, append to the current list instead of replacing it (in this mode, the SlimServer will not start playing when this happens - only the append will occur).

-tray (added in 1.7) Add an icon to the notification tray, and when the mixer is minimized, don't put it on the task bar. The icon can be used to restore the window, or do basic functions.

-trayminimized (added in 1.7) Start the application minimized to the notification area (this option includes -tray as a side effect).