MusicIP Mixer - How to Register and Unlock MusicIP

MusicIP Mixer - Registration Key

With the original MusicIP Servers offline it's not possible to register the MusicIP software within the software itself.

However it is still possible to activate the software and turn on the full functionality of MusicIP Mixer, PowerTools and unlimited key to generate large playlists more than 75 items.

Fortunately I had a backed up copy of a registered key and it's simple to activate MusicIP.

How to register MusicIP Mixer (Windows Version 1.9 beta 6)

(Step 1) Download the register.key file from here MusicIP Mixer registration file

(Step 2) Copy it to your user roaming directory, e.g. C:\Users\*YOUR USER*\AppData\Roaming\MusicIP\MusicIP Mixer

(Step 3) Start MusicIP and it will now be registered and show as an unlimited key in the Help -> About menu

How to register MusicIP Mixer for Linux and Mac OS

Reported as working, just copy to the same folder as the MusicMagic binary (e.g. /opt/musicmagic) thanks to Andrew Lorien for the confirmation.