MusicIP Mixer - Linux Ubuntu

Installing on Ubuntu 11.10

I have personally tested these steps a number of times end to end using VMPlayer and a lot of trial and error!

Note that Ubuntu 12 seems to do something to Java which breaks the MusicIP GUI.
Upgrading a working MusicIP installation from Ubuntu 11 to Ubuntu 12 will also break it.
If you are able to make it work under Ubuntu 12 let me know so I can update these steps!

Previous instructions I found were complicated to follow and didn't appear to work on newer versions of Ubuntu.

So hopefully these straight forward steps can be followed by anybody, be aware that Linux is case-sensitive to the extreme, so keep this in mind if a step doesn't appear to work.

Once completed MusicIP GUI will work and MusicIP Headless will be setup.

I'm going to transfer files from a Windows laptop to Ubuntu. So therefore the first job (after installing Ubuntu) is to setup the Samba network service.

It seems sensible to use the Public Folder for this purpose, so go to the Public Folder and Right Click and select Sharing Options.

Sharing Options

You will be prompted to install Samba, just follow the prompts.
Tick the other options, allow others to create and delete files in the folder and guest access.

The Linux version of MusicIP is the MusicMixer_x86_1.8.tgz file.

From Windows look in your Network for \\ubuntu and the Public Folder.

Because I'm a Windows guy I uncompressed the files on Windows and then moved just the final directory MusicMagicMixer to the Public Folder.

On Ubuntu then just Right Click the MusicMagicMixer folder (in the Public Folder) and select Copy to the desktop.

This will automatically change the permissions as it copies, to you as owner so you can work on the files.

Copy files to Desktop

Installation of Java

Go to Ubuntu Software Center, the mystic bag icon on the Launcher on the left hand side.
Type Java in the search box and Install OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime.

Once installed, go to the Black square at the top of the Launcher and type terminal.


In the terminal window type, sudo nautilus.

sudo nautilus

Nautilus gives you special powers to enable you to alter system files.

Click File System and then the etc folder.

Look for the file bash.bashrc


Right click it and select Open with text editor (or select gedit as the application to open it with)

bash.bashrc file

At the bottom of the file add the following four lines (CASE SENSITIVE!)

export JAVA_HOME
export PATH

bash.bashrc file

Save the file and then close it. You can also close the terminal window for the moment.
Back to the Launcher Black Square and type App and then select Startup Applications


In Startup Applications Add the following;

Name: MusicIP
Command: /home/charlie/Desktop/MusicMagicMixer/MusicMagicServer start
Comment: MusicIP GUI

Change charlie to the username that you are logged on with! Don't forget the space between MusicMagicServer and start.


Save and Close.

Now back to the MusicMagicMixer folder on the Desktop.

Edit the mmm.ini file right click, select Open With Other Application. Select gedit.

Open mmm.ini file

Scroll down and change the line items as follows;


Change charlie to the username that you are logged on with!

Edit mmm.ini file

That's MusicIP Headless now setup for Ubuntu!

Reboot Ubuntu

Once restarted Launch Firefox and go to http://localhost:10002/


Now add some music into the Music Folder.

Starting the MusicIP GUI

Go to the Black square at the top of the Launcher and type terminal.
Traverse to the MusicMagicMixer folder on the Desktop like so;

cd Desktop
cd MusicMagicMixer

(Note the ./ )


Point MusicIP at your music, typing in the path is the easiest method; /home/charlie/Music

(Again change charlie to your username

MusicIP GUI Add Music

MusicIP will pull in the music and once Analysed will go green

MusicIP GUI Analyzed

Make some Preference changes to improve life
File -> Preferences -> General
Untick Check for software updates on startup
Tick Archive analysis when tracks are analyzed

Services Tab -> Untick API and Tivo (So they dont clash with the Headless setup)

MusicIP GUI Preferences

File -> Save Cache

Exit GUI

Now back at the Firefox browser see the Reload Cache button.

MusicIP Browser Reload Cache
Click it so that the Headless service is aware of the new music files.

Adding new music into MusicIP

Start the GUI again.

Unlike the Windows version of MusicIP, the Linux MusicIP doesnt auto rescan on startup.

Select Library -> Add Songs

Type in the path again, is the easiest method; /home/charlie/Music

(Again change charlie to your username

Once scanned Exit the MusicIP GUI

Now back at the browser see the Reload Cache button

MusicIP Browser Reload Cache

Note how the number of music files should match between the MusicIP GUI and the Headless service, so you know everything is in sync

Congratulations, thats MusicIP GUI and MusicIP Headless now all up and running!

Troubleshooting Tips

Bring up a terminal and run MusicMagicMixer and run it in verbose mode, it will show which mmm.ini file it is using.

MusicIP debug mode

Location of the MusicIP cache and Log Files

Bring up a terminal and type the following;
cd ~/.MusicMagic
ls -la