Spicefly Voyager

Spicefly Voyager (Take Playlists on the move)

Spicefly Voyager is a free GPL released plugin to cover the situation where I want to create playlists and take them away with me on holiday,
without the hassle of Logitech Media Server rescanning for playlist changes and messing about editing m3u files.

Scenario: Like a track playing on your home system. Hit a button on the Logitech Squeezebox/Touch/Squeezeplay player which saves it to a playlist.
The playlist is stored in a standalone sqlite db which is then sync'ed to my laptop that I take on holiday.
On holiday, a simple click loads the playlist instantly, job done!

Voyager is a simple save to playlist, play my playlist plugin. It uses the relative path of the music track, so it takes into account that the home system
has a different media base path for the music library than the laptop. Plus using a standalone sqlite db means no need to rescan the music library each time a change is made.

Voyager has very basic persona support, ie. multiple users and saving to different playlists for different users.

Known Issues/Features

Only tested on Windows 7
Changing Owners within Jive Menus will not automatically update the available playlists for that owner. (Mitigation; Exit menu and re-enter)
Changing Owners under web player settings will not automatically update the available playlists for that owner. (Mitigation; Exit page and re-enter)
Info Menus are not available unless there is at least one track in the now playing list. (Logitech design constraint)
On Initialisation web player settings will be blank. (Mitigation; Go into Jive Menus to set Owner/playlist)
It has no actual playlist management ie. delete, sorting, moving anything around etc. (Mitigation; Use a db program to edit the sqlite db)
No display of the playlist in the web interface. etc
To Add a New Owner -> Use a db program to edit the sqlite db

SQLite Manager is a useful free browser addin for Firefox. SQLite Manager

As this is a free GPL plugin and it does what I need it to do, I will not be providing new features or supporting this plugin. The code is heavily commented to aid your development.

The GitHub location is; Github Voyager

Repository Link to install it into Logitech Media Server; http://www.spicefly.com/files/voyager/repo.xml

The database files is held here (Windows 7) - C:\ProgramData\Squeezebox\prefs\plugin\voyager.db

Copy this file from your main system to your travel laptop and as long as your music tracks are in the same file structure it should work fine.

Screenshot of the Settings Menu Item


Where Owner and Active Playlist can be changed

active playlist

On the Now Playing Window; Save the current playing track to the Playlist or Load and Play the Playlist

now playing

The internals of the sqlite database

database example

The easiest way to see how Voyager works is to add a few tracks to the playlist and then take a look in the database.
By changing the playlistname it will show that playlist name in the player menu.
By changing the playlistowner it will show that owner in the player menu.