MusicIP Mixer - Moods

The first step is to create a list of songs which defines a mood to you. MusicIP Mixer will then use this list of songs as the basis to create a virtually unlimited selection of new playlists which also reflect this mood (limited only by the music in your collection).


Once you have a list of songs which you want to use to define a mood, store it as MoodName.m3u in the Moods subdirectory where the MusicIP Mixer is installed (MoodName should be replaced with the name you want to associate with this mood).

You can use the Moods/Save As Mood menu item to do this automatically.For instance, you might create a file called Happy.m3u and store 10 songs which make you feel happy.

After saving this in the Moods directory, you can choose Moods/Happy from the menu bar, and MusicIP Mixer will automatically create a new playlist which reflects those songs.

A "binary" mood file is stored as a .m3mood file instead of a .m3u file - the difference is that the .m3mood file contains a binary description of your mood.

You can swap .m3mood files with your friends, and they will be able to make mood mixes based off your original playlist, but using songs from their collections.

Mac OS X

There is no special moods directory on the Mac. Just store your playlist as a normal .m3u file (you can use the File/Save As Playlist... menu).

To use a playlist as the source of a mood mix on Mac, just use the Power Tools/Load Mood... menu, and choose the playlist you want to use.